The Secret to Teaching Your Dog

teaching your dogWelcoming a dog into your home is being ready to be able to allocate time to share moments with him but also to teach your dogs some good manners. Indeed, the education of a dog is paramount if you want that life with your new pet to be enjoyable.

Why you should teach your dog?

A trained dog will make your life more enjoyable. If your dog is not educated, life with him can quickly become a nightmare.

You fear to take your pet with you on a trip or family outing.It will be hard to leave your dog alone or he will put your house upside down. Similarly it will be difficult to accommodate guests in your home.

Besides that, you may make things worse if your dog feels he is sidelined. A dog needs to share intimate moments with his master for his well being.

The importance of the dog’s place in your home

The dog needs a master. The dog descends from the wolf. Which makes dogs keep certain ancestral habits. Thus, in each family, there was a leader, the dominant and the dominated. In your home, it’s the same thing, you have to make your dog understand that it is  you the chief. A dog will quickly take over you if you do not show him who is the master.

His master is its referent. He needs to feel safe and know that it can count on him or her  in any circumstance. This sense of security will be strengthened if the dog  knows exactly his place within the family.

The dog needs to know the home’s regulations. A dog needs to know the limits, rules of life in a home. This is his master to teach him the rules of life. In fact, a dog does not know what is good and what is bad, it’s up to you to teach him.

When to start raising a dog?

It’s very important to start teaching our dogs  as soon as possible. Do not believe that a puppy can not understand the rules. He is quite capable of understanding. His mother has already begun his education. It is for you to take over.

Upon arrival, we will have to draw the lines. If you let it too long, it may take some habits that are very difficult to fix : bite people or furniture, jumping on guests, get on the couch …

It is true that we tend to let ourselves be moved by this cute little animal. Know that it will quickly understand how you feel. As soon as they are small dogs already seeking which is the dominant of the house. And if you do nothing, it will quickly seek to take that place. We must be firm from the start. Caution be firm does not mean to behave the same all the time, we must also share game moments, walk with your dog out, and all other good moments.

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